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The Employers’ Association Historical Building Materials e.V. (UHB) was founded in 1992. There are united about 35 firms. The aim of the association is the promotion and support of the reuse of historical building materials. Besides the internal service for the members the associations sees it as its task to inform and sensitize the public.

It wants to underline that without the reuse of historical buiding materials valuable cultural goods are destroyed irretrievably. At the same time the firms make a contribution to the reduction of the consumption of the natural resources: The reuse of building elements is recycling of the highest level.


UHB - Unternehmerverband Historische Baustoffe e.V.
D-78112 St. Georgen (Schwarzwald)


Managing Director Mr Christoph Freudenberger
Tel: +49 7724 3589
Fax: +49 7724 3285


The association is registered at the District Court of Villingen-Schwenningen under the number VR930.

Tax Office:

Identity number of value added tax: DE 191741872

Entitled exclusive representation by the members of the board:

Mr. Olaf Elias c/o Historische Bauelemente Olaf Elias
Bärenklauer Weg 2
D-16727 Marwitz
Tel: +49 3304 502242
Fax: +49 3304 502267

Mr. Martin Häberle
Historische Baustoffe Ostalb
Gerstetter Berg 15
D-89555 Söhnstetten
Tel: +49 0162-209 30 55

Mr. Alexander Prenzel
Historische Baustoffe GbR
Flachsstücken 21
D-29693 Hodenhagen
Tel: +49 0172 / 541 72 80


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