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Looking for historical building materials?

You are looking for a special historical building material? The office of the UHB will send your query to all of the members of the union. Please, give a detailed information as precise as possible:

  • Purpose (e.g. not tiles but outdoor natural stone slabs or indoor stone ware tiles)
  • Kind of material (not wooden floors but of spruce, fir, pine, oak or beach)
  • Units or quantity (e.g. 1,500 bricks, about 30 sqm, about 2.5 cu m or 40 running m)
  • Dimension (e.g. bricks about 26 x 12 x 6.5 cm or boards 20 cm wide, 20-25 mm high and in min. 350 cm long)
  • Colour (e.g. dark red bricks or light red - orange bricks)
  • Characteristics which are not important for you or which are open to you should be mentioned (e.g. colour does not matter, fir or pine)

If you are not sure regarding the material or do not know exactly how the materials is named please try to describe the purpose as exact as possible. Please do not write for an offer of tiles but e.g. «We are looking for a hard floor in our 16 sqm-kitchen. It should be bright and can be colourful.»

Your query you can send to our office. Of course, we will send your letter or your fax to all of our firms. But it is more economically for us if we can do the query via e-mail. Your query via online form The following details are voluntarily. For the distribution of the material query it is useful to fill in the fields completely. If you send your details we are allowed to send them to the members of our association and store them.

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